Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Shows - Orlando Miniatures Festival, Orlando, Florida, USA

Apologies - trying to replace the photos in this drove me crazy - I am sure the objects will turn up as I go along with the project.

For the third year running I 'did' the Orlando show and had a great three days learning and shopping and working.  If you want to know more go and visit my Dolls House Show blog.  Meanwhile here are the things I bought for The Gate House:

These little gems came from Stewart Doll House Creations 

No idea why I wanted this but looks as though it might be useful.  Almost as thin as a CD width, gold sticky tape

Tiny bottles of no-hole beads

Sweet little freebie added to my bag
From the Quarter Source/Sally Manwell stands I gathered up the following items.  I am not sure which is Karen's and which is Sally's.  The hugely practical wood and turntable are decidedly Karen's as she very kindly brought them to the show for me to pick up.  I think that is very generous when it is all of a $7.50 order and you have to remember to do it, sort it out and pack an awkward shape in the rest of your stuff.  

Lovely realistic Christmas tree.

So sweet and one of those serendipity purchases.

Double bead trim just 3/64ths" wide.

What I hope will be my bathroom bead board. 1/32th thick.

Mmmm, thinking about this........

I also bought some lovely daffs from Clara's Cuties but they are over in my Chocolat blog.

I will share the practical stuff I bought here as I actually don't have a blog to cover that - hard to believe, I know.

These all came from Pam's Supply Source:

Wanted one of these for ages - magnetic jig.

This was recommended to me - instead of tacky wax - a re-stickable glue.

I know these will be useful for holding small stuff.

I have some in the UK but none over here.  Sanding sticks.

Not a lot of shopping by some people's standard but every one a wanted gem!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

New photo album

If you want to see the kits made up as I go along just click on the Made by Me album in the left hand column.