Friday, 27 March 2015

Back home

We arrived back in the UK on Sunday (it is now Friday) and we have managed to dig ourselves out from unpacking four pieces of luggage (the 50 lb size) and three months mail, caught up with a few people, done some house chores and are now finding some time to play.....

I got back into my workroom today with the intention of settling back into cracking on with one or both of my projects.  Alas I am 'lost'.  In effect it has been six months since I was working here and my quarter scale gear was all new to me then.  I am in a room where I don't know what I have and, if I do think of something, I am not quite sure where it is.

I assure you I am organised to the nth degree but this is very, very tiny stuff and there are hundreds of bits and bobs.

I decided to be kind to myself and allow another day's prevarication until I am grounded.

I haven't wasted my mini afternoon though.  Part of my wondering where I am up to sent me to read this blog (that's partly why I write it) and I realised how unwieldy these blogs are if you want to actually locate a particular thing - I was looking to see who made the very nice floor clock I had made some time ago.  This set me off labelling all 115 posts.  Some have several labels to 'attach' so it took a while!  I have also tried to change the titles of posts so I can easily recognise the items they refer to.  Snappy/clever titles will go by the board and I will be sticking to pedantic descriptive efforts from now on.

I hope this was an afternoon well spent and that if you are following The Gate House it will also help you find your way around should you want to back-track.  I will be doing it to Les Roches too but, for now, I am trying to stop my butterfly brain flitting from item to item and trying to focus in on The Gate House and start to get on with the project properly.

not the current state as I have almost completed the kitchen

I also intend to be very brave and record (and U-Tube) the project as it goes along in hopes it helps someone find their way around their first quarter scale project - as I am doing. 

Please stick with me; I hope to do some work this weekend.

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