Sunday, 30 March 2014

Here I go again

Anyone trying to follow this build will be giddy with the amount of twists and turns there has been since I got the kit last November.  Firstly it was going to Naples with me for the winter then our stay got shortened and it wasn't worth doing that, so then it became my Summer 2014 project (I do a 1/12th each summer in the UK).  I got home a couple of weeks ago and have dithered around with the Gate House ever since.

Today I have just bought a large 1/12th from EBay, so...........guess what.........the Gate House has become my winter-in-Florida build (again) for later this year.  The theory being it gives me something mini to go at during those six months and, at this size, stuff is easily transportable each way with a final destination being the UK in a couple of year's time when we give up on our peripatetic lifestyle.

Meanwhile I took two walls to the show at the NEC and left them with the wonderful Malcolm of Malcolm's Miniatures.  He is going to make me three internal doors (that open!)  Please click on his name and look at his website - he does the most fantastic stuff.  If nothing else go and look at his doors - seriously - they are worth a visit in themselves.

This is my colour scheme of 'greenery-yallery' (with the odd pop of red maybe) in keeping with the Arts and Crafts furniture my two little people are collecting for their home.


  1. Lovely colours! So peaceful.

    Enjoyed your articles in the new Doll house and Miniature Scene magazine. Finally had a chance to sit down with it last night. My neighbour saves all her tiny jam bottle for me (she likes to go out for tea!) and I use them to store all my beads and little bits and bobs too!

    I'm off to have a look at those lovely doors you're on about.


    1. Thanks Suzé, Just got back in from picking up The Mountfield - left at 10 am got back at 5 pm - my other half is a saint. I haven't given up on this quarter scale - just postponed.