Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Vendors - Malcolm's Miniatures - the doors

I make no apologies for showing you five (!) photos of one tiny door.  I am just so thrilled with them and need to share.

I left two walls of the Gatehouse with Malcolm of Malcolm's Miniatures  at Miniatura so he could make me three doors.

They arrived in the post this morning.  Already I am in love with them.

Out of the packet they are even more exquisite.  

This is the outside of the door, all rebated, and those braces are also three dimensional.

Even the finish of the wood looks like aged oak - not sure it needs any addition - maybe a little wax.....

Interior side of the door.  Imagine it with a door knob.  I am also hoping to 'suggest' hefty hinges - either the strap kind or just a nod to where they are set in the door jamb.

This photo is so you can see the rebated door frame - wonderful detailed stuff. 

Keep remembering these images are a good deal larger than the real doors.

Finally, just look how the fit inside the opening.

Astonishing work.

All this for £5 a design and £2 each door!!!!

Go visit his site .......... stained glass windows to die for!!

That's next on my list.

PS:  Look out for a new (small and individual) Rust-oleum stand in B & Q (maybe elsewhere too). 

They are selling all sorts of small pots of various finishes such as lovely metallic paint - gold, bronze etc.  There is a range of nice looking chalky finish furniture paint which I know mini folk like and a bunch of tiny gloss paints.

I bought a 40g pot of gloss paint for £2.  I know this is extortionate pro rata but it beats paying £7 and upwards for a 'normal' small tin of gloss if you only want to paint a one-off front door for example.  Again, I know hobby shops might carry other small gloss/enamel paints but I suspect they are probably no cheaper and not everyone can get to a large hobby shop, whereas there are a lot of B & Q's around. 

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