Saturday, 23 August 2014

Here we go at last

Those that follow me in 1/12ths will know by now that I am giving up on those.  I need to reclaim some house space.  Also, I have a low boredom threshold so four years at an interest is something of a record for me.  I was midway through building my 1930's (Mountfield) house and I realised, as each month passed, that my rate of progress was getting slower and slower.  tasks such as 2,000 versi bricks were bordering on a 'chore'.  I came to the conclusion that I should quit while I was ahead.  I have loved building and dressing my three narratives - Wentworth, Bentleys and Chocolat and the thirties house was sort of appealing but the UMPH has decidedly gone.

So here I am selling off all my 1/12ths (over six hundred items):

If you are interested you need to pop over to Lilliput Minis

Meanwhile the whole of my quarter scale hobby fits into one cupboard with room to spare:  

The Gate House is a Geoff Lewis creation and is a pretty complicated one for my first attempt at this scale.  Wouldn't you know it, he is teaching a class at The Cotswolds Miniatures Weekend (11/12 October) and I can't go because we will be in the States!   Aaaaarrrrgggh!

Hey ho, instead of which I will be getting started tomorrow in this nice, tidy, ready for me and my Gate House space:

Be nice if some of you come along for the ride.......

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