Friday, 29 August 2014

Round and round I go...

To light or not to light.... that is the question.....

Every day it is the opposite decision.  Being helped by one of my wonderful Quarter Connection people the last couple of days has pushed me back to lighting.  So this is where I am at today (and hopefully the next six months!).

I have to collect every single thing I need to complete the project before I start as things need to go in place while I can get around the object.  This hobby seems to be a complete antithesis to how I have gone about 1/12ths.  There, I was able to have a rough idea of the end place, do the build and find things almost by serendipity as I bowled along.  This scale won't allow me to take that approach so I now have to develop a mind-set of shopping for an almost precise end result and then actually produce it.

Right now I need a ton of things for dressing the various rooms and have nothing beyond a box of tissues and a couple of beads.  I do have a lot of furniture kits but probably not sure what I will or won't use in the house until I try them out.

I have come to realise none of the kits I have give you a finished size so I am having to open up the major pieces and try sections of the furniture in place to see if they will fit.  I bought a glorious Betterley's piece that turns out to be too large, so that will have to have a whole project thought about to go around it.

People who are doing the One a Month exercise at Quarter Connection must have tons and tons of stuff to pick from.

Meanwhile here's some 'dressing' I used on a Betterley's piece from their Lydia Pickett collection.  This is to be used in my bathroom, not bedroom even though it is their 'Fancy Nightstand'.  

really tiny comb, look at the tweezers for a sense of scale


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