Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Easiest way to decorate

This must be the easiest way in the world to decorate.

Three walls and the floor are covered in True2Scale's peel and stick wallpaper.

It is made of fabric so gives a lovely matt finish.  I presume if you wanted shiny tiles for example you could always 'varnish' it.  No more waiting for paint to dry on the walls, or glue to dry on the floors or even worse hoping it won't warp the building with the wet glue and paste.  This took a matter of minutes and was ready for the next stage:  in my case it is skirting boards but, of course, they are painted and need to dry.

All you do is measure, mark up on the reverse, cut with a knife, peel and stick.  Another advantage is that it can be re-stuck a few times so I just measured the height of the room cut strips that width and put it in place.  I then sharply creased the corners peeled back a little way and trimmed off the surplus.  I do like a little wrap around in the corners with wallpapering.  I even cut out the doorway in the same way which saved me having to make a template.

One caveat - the plain cream fabric was a bit see through so it won't hide any holes, marks etc. on your walls or a darker coloured 'wallpaper' underneath (my corner wrap).  You could simply put another layer on to cure this but of course this will up the price - so just test any you buy for opacity and have and think about the surface it is going on and see what you need to do to make it work.  

This doesn't put me off in the slightest and the rest of the property is on hold now until I can get to Naples and order some more 'peel 'n stick from True2Scale.

This is probably a good thing because I think I need to make a lot of furnishings before I commit to lights and skirting boards and other fixed items.  For example I want to pretty much fix things to the walls in the kitchen so I don't want them shoved forward by skirting boards and I need to know where seating is going in each room to help with lighting decisions.

So my next few posts will be sharing various furniture kits with you.  If you want to see a couple I've already done they are in another album labelled Gate House furniture.

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