Saturday, 30 August 2014

Crazy woman strikes again

This is what crazy woman does when she is frustrated by not being able to bash on as she would like...........

.........    this is where I claim - "It's not my fault"

A kind person directed me to a Petite Properties' plinth which happens to be made for their Petit Palais.  I want a plinth for The Gate House and the one I was looking at, made by True2Scale, isn't big enough.  So you see, it's not my fault if I ordered the plinth, the house, the staircases and the inner doors.

Since our brief sojourn of 'living in France' I have been in love with Maison de Maître architecture - there was no way I could resist this.  As I explained to my correspondent I have a sort of perverted logic for ordering it.  I have been wondering what to do if I can't find everything  I need to complete The Gatehouse during the winter in Naples.  That would mean I would have nothing to build when I get back in April.  Now, methinks,  if I had a small shadow box or a vignette or two that I could find enough things for, then at least I would have something to be getting on with.  So, just imagine I have combined that box and those vignettes - et voilà - la Maison de Maître.

Yes, I am off to create its own blog....... so you can get giddy running between the two.

..... but, first check it out at Petite Properties if you think you can escape without buying anything.  I don't want to be blamed for leading you astray.

(next dilemma - project name - La Maison de Maitre or Les Roches - the name of the house we had in France?)

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