Thursday, 28 August 2014

Just to keep you posted on the thinking

Came in here today to work on furniture - having abandoned the Gate House build again whilst  waiting for wallpaper and wood to make the necessary alterations to allow me to light the place.  All change.....

This first project will not be lit.  it is a shame because it is a lovely little piece but, hopefully, there will be more.

I di three or four dry builds last year and gave it endless thinking time but had I been more productive with that I would have discovered a lot of kit-bashing that is needed to sort the lighting issues.  At this stage, now it is all assembled,  it just doesn't bear thinking about.  The prospect of removing a chimney and remaking it for example would not be easy.

This is to serve as a note to myself (and any other newbie reading this) do NOT start a build UNTIL you have sorted out any issues.  They will not magically sort themselves while you are building.

I think lighting will always need consideration before starting.  At the dry build stage you need to draw up a plan of how it is going to happen - where will the wires exit?  how will they get to the battery?  where will the battery(ies) and switch(es) go?

Off to do some more decorating.  I will probably add to this later.

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