Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Added bathroom wall

I spent a jolly couple of hours last night decorating the existing bathroom wall and making another one to slide into place when I can get the floors down.

You know you have joined the true fraternity of nutty quarter scalers when you find yourself tiling inside the window jams and sills with tiles measuring 1/16th".

So, here we are with wallpaper in place, tiles done, and now for the beading....

Isn't this a gorgeous product from Quarter Source - double beading in 3/64".  It painted up beautifully.  I did one coat of a sample pot colour (Little Greene Company) rubbed down with my 'magic' sponge and then one coat of acrylic gloss and rubbed down again and arrived at a lovely finish - just a slight sheen and really looks the part.

I then made up its opposing wall in matt board which will slide in when I have figured out how to go about lighting for this floor and the floor below.  I can then then lay the flooring up here and glue the wall in place.  You can see the floor loose-laid in the top picture.  Again, this is another wonderful product - very thin (spot on scale) real wood floorboards.  This was the pine version painted in the same way as I did all the other woodwork.  There is a great dark walnut version which you'll get to see in the rest of the property some time.  Don't get confused and think it is just the slim floorboards that you can get from houseworks for 1/12th (I use that too) these floorboards are even narrower at a scant 1/8th inch wide.  That translates into real life 6" wide floorboards. The flooring comes from A Trifle Small here in the UK - indeed it is just a couple of miles up the road from me.  Sadly not a shop.

This is the entrance side to the bathroom.  Love the hinges - they are part of the Grandt Line 1/48th series.  The door knob is a bead.  Sadly, I have a bag of incredibly detailed and tiny door knobs which looked just right until the went against the door and they are imposing to say the least.  sad to resort to a bead.  Hey Ho.  That's something I need to source - quarter scale door knobs.

Yes, I know the opening is a tad rough - I have to trim up with an architrave but am holding off for now as I might want to hide wiring behind wallpaper.

I am silly proud of this as it is my first quarter scale 'build'.  I swear to you it looks lovely in real life.  I wish I had a magic quarter scale camera to disguise all the 'rough' details that my 16.0 mega pixels seem to find!

Onwards and upwards now that I've got the bug!

.........  sadly my husband wants to take me out to lunch...... no consideration some folk......... wonder how quickly we can eat...........

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