Thursday, 11 December 2014


I have been talking to various people about bases for kits and at the moment these are the three that are in play.

They all work in slightly different ways and look different.  If you are thinking about getting one, you will need to go to the vendor's site and read all the detailed information about them - this is just a pointer to them.  Start with what you want it to do for you and then decide which one does it best.

Price-wise it will be a case of where you are buying from and what the delivery cost is to you 

This all began for me because when I ordered my Petit Palais from Petite Properties  I also ordered the very nice base that goes with it.  I think it really finishes off the structures to get them off a (piece of furniture) surface a little way.  It also makes for a good way to hide the electricals.

1/48th Display Plinth Kit


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Manufacturer: Petite Properties Ltd

Product Information

The Display Plinth has been designed for our Le Petit Palais kit but can also be used to further enhance many of our 1/48th kits, or can be used for a multitude of display purposes.
This kit comes with a set of full colour, step by step instructions which teach you how to construct the plinth.
The Display Plinths Approx constructed dimensions
Width = 23 cm
Depth =  13.5 cm
Height = 2.8 cm 

I have pinched this from PP's site - hope it's OK to do that.  Obviously I don't have mine built to show you just yet.

Also in the UK J. S Miniatures has just developed four stands and they come in a couple of sizes.  Two work with Jen's lighting kits and have an additional extension connector so they work with her micro plug and the other two bases will work with any other sort of kit you might want to use.  Jennifer will also be offering landscaping in small amounts to help you finish off the structures. 

Prices - £12.99 - £16.25

Bases for Smaller Scale Lighting Kits Image

Again I stole the photo.


In the States True2Scale is also making very nice stands with a drawer for your leccy bits.  I did share a photo of it yesterday with you but here it comes again finished and underneath their Bushel and a Peck kit.

This base kit is priced at £18.47

Again I stole the photo.

I will check with all the vendors that this is OK.

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