Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Au revoir for a while...

You may have noticed a slump in my babble for a while - real life has intervened.  We have been back in the UK for December and have been caught up in my daughter's wedding and Christmas.  We leave here tomorrow to return to Naples (FL) until the end of March where we have two sets of visitors pretty much filling our time there.  I have, therefore put aside my hobby until I return to the UK at the beginning of April.  I had all kinds of plans to do stuff here and to sort out things to take back to America to make while I am there;  realistically I can see that it isn't likely to happen.

I will still be in the three groups I am in and have plans to go to Molly Cromwell's show in Sarasota and the mini flea market also held in Sarasota while we are away so they will turn up in my show blog (Dolls House Shows) when I've been.

Don't abandon me - I will be back in full flood, no doubt, in April.


  1. Happy New Year Marilyn, I look forward to following your blogs again when you return to the UK.

    1. Thanks Diane. I feel guilty about taking a break and also a bit twitchy not doing anything mini especially as I came back to a lovely little box of goodies from B J Miniatures just crying out to be assembled. Keep an eye out for me.....