Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Stair set two

This is what you learn after doing one set of stairs:

 Only colour in the pieces; that way you can see the wood for the trees.  Sloshing stain everywhere like I did last time meant I wasn't sure what was waste and what was kit.  If you do a colouring-in exercise it is much clearer when you come to snip them out. Saves stain too.   Also, please notice they have been buffed!
I don't know if this is good thing to share, but this time I snipped the pieces out (carefully) with scissors.  I find the wood hard to cut.  I started with a new blade on this one but I still wasn't getting through the tabs, so I resorted to scissors.  I thought it was much easier. The two bladed scissor action does want to twist the work slightly though, so be careful if you try this. Do the easy bits first and see if you think you are OK with it.
I hope this shows you the edges which need finishing off with stain BEFORE assembly.

As always I forgot to show you the end result - the completed set of stairs.  Hey ho: just refer back to the previous set of stairs and imagine a slightly better finish and done in half the time.

The big lesson learned doing the second set of anything is - the second is loads easier than the first!

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