Thursday, 16 January 2014

Flooring and trims - A Trifle Small

This is where I have become officially 'the crazy lady'..........but it's not my fault.......I bet they all say that.

When I was going to do three houses over here I ordered my favourite flooring from A Trifle Small (what was once Molly's House).  So a lady who lives near to me in the UK sent a packet of stuff to me here in Florida and, now I'm no longer doing the American houses, I will be taking it back to the UK.  The best laid schemes o' mice and men (and miniaturists) gang aft agley.

Nevertheless it gives me another chance to show you the great real wood flooring I got from her.  The 'floorboards' are one eight of an inch wide, giving a real life measurement of six inches, which was a floor board standard for a very long time.  It looks like the 1/12th stuff I get from Jennifers of Walsall which I am pretty sure is from Houseworks here in the States, but I don't see this quarter scale on their site.

dark walnut

The dark walnut is my favourite and seems to make it into all my houses - so far only in the 1/12th scale, but it was such a joy to see it in Quarter Scale.  I usually just finish it with a couple of coats of matte water-based B & Q varnish and it looks lovely.

light wood
This is its light companion.  I have finished this to look like cheap pine and also painted it for painted Victorian floors in bedrooms - it could be aged, stained or finished a zillion ways. 

too white?
I have seen this tile and the next one on a couple of other sites, so they are not as rare as the wood flooring but if you are buying wooden floors from Angela you may as well get the rest. This or the other one might be the bathroom floor.
too checker board?

The third tile I will definitely use somewhere, probably around the bath or behind the washbasin, or maybe kitchen splashbacks... mmm?  It seems a shame to waste such a nice small tile; how often can you find that?

My last purchase was four pieces of coving which had a definite home in the Georgetown Row House I thought I was doing.  I am not sure they have a place in The Gate House as both the cottage and the gate tower would have been stone built.  Admittedly the walls have been plaster-boarded internally sometime in their lives so maybe someone had coving in the living room?

Such a shame not to use such nice stuff, good quality, well shaped and, most importantly for me (Mrs Fussy Britches), in perfect scale.  

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