Saturday, 25 January 2014

Handy tips from Quarter Source

When I was at the Sarasota show talking to Karen Benson and Sally Manwell I was bemoaning the fact that I was finding it really difficult to find fabrics in quarter scale.  Even in a pretend house I'd like the soft furnishings to wok with the rest of the room!

They shared a couple of ways they get round this problem and said I could share them with you...

Karen said she just prints her own on those printable fabric sheets you can buy.  The secret is buying the finest thread count cotton you can find, she uses 300. 

I am very disparaging about not using the right material for the object you are making but this is because I am still stuck in 1/12th mode.  I like wooden object to be made in wood, ceramic in ceramic and fabric in fabric.  Of course in quarter scale a lot of this OCD thinking can be tossed aside.  These drapes are paper!!  I swear, even close up and personal there is absolutely no way you would know.

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