Thursday, 30 January 2014

Furniture build number three

Don't worry I don't intend to show you every single piece of furniture I make for this project; there are about 80 of them (so far) waiting for me.

I am showing you this - my third attempt at 48ths - to show you some of the problems I encountered.  I am hoping someone reading this might have a couple of tips to improve what I am doing before I move on to number four and the other seventy-odd pieces..

This table is 7/8ths of an inch wide

This is a mission style library table from Petworth Miniatures.  I have seen the prototype made up by its designer so I know it can look much better than this.

The construction begins with sticking the legs into the notched corners of the table top - how do you get them squared up properly?  I shoved each one into the corne of a right hand jig but you are working on such fine tolerances it wasn't the greatest help.  Eventually more by eye than anything else I was happy with how the four legs lined up in relation to the top and to each otjher.  Then, I can only presume, either the stain dried out properly (???) or there was some moisture from the wood glue (???) but as the glue set up the legs seemed to go every which way.  

I had stained the pieces before detaching them from their frame.  Should I have left them overnight or something to dry thoroughly before building the table?  I am using wood glue - is that OK?

It has a lovely front and back fretted trim which also distorted as it settled.

The other niggle is there is a tiny nib of wood left on the centre of the top bookshelf.  These bits of sprue (?) are where the pieces are held in the frame.  I was convinced I had filed and stained each one of them, and yet there it is!

I might just be being too picky because like the two previous pieces in real life, i.e. not magnified by a camera, it looks just dandy.

I gave myself a pat on the back for actually putting the knobs on the drawer pretty much in line with each other.  They did start out with 'one eye up the chimney' but I pushed and pulled them around with a dental pick until they looked OK.  For those who don't play this quarter scale game this is a photo of one of the knobs on the very tip of the point of a very slim scalpel. They are incredibly tiny no-hole beads.

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