Wednesday, 22 January 2014

More goodies to share

These are my 'in the mail' treats yesterday and will (most likely) be the last I will buy over here.  It is time to stop shopping and use the hours I spend trawling various websites to actually make some of them.

These came from Suzanne & Andrew's Miniatures.

This is what started the splurge.  I needed four sets of andirons and as I hadn't seen them any where else I thought I should get them while I am in the States.  These are made by Pierluigi, the same artist who made my lovely cutlery, scissors and comb.  

I hate paying postage on a four-times-two-equals-eight-dollars purchase, so I had to get something else.

This is the ubiquitous fireguard that you do see around but useful none the less for the bedroom fire in the house, which you couldn't leave burning away unattended, without a guard in front. I wonder if a lit fire will show through?

This is one of their sweet little pieces to add to the others I have of theirs - the Petit Chateau's tri-fold mirror.  I am not sure of its location in the house just yet but we can sort that.

The triumphant piece for me is one of Teresa Callender's Arts and Crafts group of furniture.  I haven't given you any link for her as it is generally agreed she isn't making things any more (since 2011).  I have tried and tried to get in touch with her as I wanted all her Arts and Crafts 1/4" and wanted her to be the person to make all my Art Deco for Muir House I also wanted to do a profile piece in DH & MS so, as you can imagine, I was sad not to get more but thrilled to get this.

I found some of her 1/2" Arts and Crafts (right style in the wrong scale) on someone's stand at Sarasota which she said she thought she'd bought last year, so who knows.....

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