Thursday, 14 November 2013

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Just look at what I got for my birthday...........

......... well, not quite that............. more like this ...........

The list of components runs into three pages so, as someone who has never built the simplest of 48ths I am just a bit more than terrified at the prospect.

This is one of the creations made by Geoff Lewis whose work I found at Petwood back in August and this is the very one I wanted but decided I couldn't afford.  My lovely husband bought it and kept it for my birthday a couple of days ago and I am so, so thrilled.

If you have been looking at my Quarter Life blog you will have seen all the bits of 48ths I have been gathering together ready to go to Naples so I could get started on the four 'houses' I have waiting there.  Luckily most of it is Arts and Crafts style as I knew I wanted to create something that would house that.  They will be just perfect for this Scottish Gate House.

We are still stuck here in the UK waiting for an elderly aunt to leave hospital so I will have to be patient and resist the urge to get stuck in because this will be travelling to America with us as my project to do over there during our winter stay; the length of which is getting shorter and shorter as the weeks go by over here.


  1. I have a 1/4 scale inn to do and I keep procrastinating. One of these days I will dig it out. Hope you get to travel soon and when you do wishing you a safe journey.

    1. I think 48ths look scary at the moment but then so did 1/12ths three years ago and they are 'second nature' - so here's hoping. I hope to be on my way soon too, thanks for the bon voyage.

  2. The photos have disappeared but I will continue through the blog as I have time to do so (and your other blogs too) to discover more about the Gate House and your mini adventures. I was absolutely intimidated by my first 1:48th scale project several years ago and put it away after the first stages. It stayed there until 5 years ago then I finally tackled it - and was totally converted! I still have some 1:12th scale houses to finish but that scale seems so clunky to me after 1:48th, and quarter scale has completely taken over my interest and life. So glad to see that you do manage to take a mini project overseas when you go. I suffer withdrawals when we go on long holidays if I don't have something mini 'just in case'.
    Happy mini-ing
    Sandie (Sydney, Australia)

    1. I know - talk about annoying - some Google glitch. Some time last week all the photos dropped out of two of my (fifteen) blogs. I scouted round the web to discover it is happening elsewhere but no-one has an explanation or cure!!! I am going to do my best to put them all back in this one as it is fairly new but the other....... sadly will have to remain as is and folk will have to look at my web album instead.

      Intimidated is exactly the right word - no idea why I should be so nervy about this other than I hate failing at anything. the 1/12ths just bought on a whim and jumped right on and loved it for the four years I did it. That for me is a long time I also have a low boredom threshold. So I have a huge expectation of these teeny things I suppose I want them to fill the 1/12th gap and keep me as busy and as entertained as they did. (just seen you in the beehive) Marilyn