Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Treasures galore

I have been having an after the show (Midlands show, Droitwich) photo album tidy up and realised I have an album of 48ths that I have been collecting for the projects in America.  Most, if not all of them, will now be used in The Gate House.  For the time being they are all being scooped up into that projects box and my on-line 'filing'.

The purchases album currently holds sixty-one items.  This would be a bit much for a single post!  There is a link on the left side of this blog if you want to take a look.

I might even have some more unphotographed items waiting in the States and in my suitcase destined for the States so I will have a grand sort out when I eventually get there. Meanwhile I thought you might like to sample the sweetness of these lovely little 48ths by looking at the ones I have bought since I knew about this project.

PLEASE click on each photograph so you can see the detail.

This is a perfect trio that I ordered from Jane Harrop.  One of the benches might go in the kitchen under the window to be used at the table when needed.  The other bench has a million possibilities.  Similarly with the two Sligo chairs - they will each tuck in a corner for the times the place is full of people.  I absolutely love the artist's easel.  This has made me decide on the cottage 'roof' floor being a studio.  I may have to cut into the roof to put in windows.  I am itching to do a dry build to think about all the ideas I have.

Incidentally I did wonder in a previous post about whether it had a roof at the back and, of course, it did.

This wonderful little finished (!!!) cheese board was a gift from Jane.  I simply can't believe how lucky I am.  

The object next to it is a cocktail stick.  Now do you appreciate her fabulous work even more?

I just grin from ear to ear every time I see it.

Please do click on this photo.  This is Jane's wonderful Christmas market stall complete with stock.  I am now the proud owner of all four packets of tiny wooden Christmas decorations that you can see here.  They are just perfect for The Gate House as I am setting it in 2013 and the run up to Christmas - pretty much now (!) in fact.

BIG thank you, Jane.

Go look at her stuff - Jane Harrop - better still try and catch her at a show as she has a ton more stock there to go at and every single item is beautiful.  

She will be at York on 24th November and that's a great show - one of my top three.  She is also at Kensington on 30th November.

This morning I got a delivery from Templewood miniatures and here are the 48ths that were in that order.

The detail on this chest is lovely. It just squats there, looking Tudor.  I know my Gate House people are collecting Arts and Crafts type furniture but, like any home, there is room for a harmonious piece from another time.  Actually there was a pretty big medieval revival in the arts and crafts movement so it will sit perfectly under a window in a bedroom.

True to form, Elizabeth and Stuart will sleep in a Rennie Mackintosh bed.  The Cherry wood is lovely to work with.

Like Jane, Kathryn is the sweetest person to 'work' with and, again like Jane, she was (silly) generous in sending me this table as an 'extra' because my order was a bit delayed.

How utterly serendipitous that it is one I would have ordered in the future.  My budget only allows me to buy in dribs and drabs so it was on the 'wish list'.  Tick!

This miniature world is full of some extraordinarily kind people.  Check out this one - Templewood Miniatures

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