Friday, 29 November 2013

Totally floored by this...

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This must be the best real wood flooring for quarter scale ever.  It comes in this lovely (American) walnut.  I know it finishes beautifully because I have used its big 1/12th sister in all my 1/12th projects and I just love the end result.  I usually finish it with a water-based B & Q silk varnish - two coats if I want a more polished look.  I am sure it would finish with any method you choose.

There is also a light version which you could (wood) stain any colour you liked.  I have used that too for painted wooden floors and it is equally brilliant.

It couldn't be any easier to lay: I use double sided sticky tape, needs to be the thin stuff like Sellotape,   This means if there is ever any problem with the lights or you want a change, it can be removed easily.

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This is waaaay over-magnified to show you a single width floorboard.  They actually measure one eighth of an inch giving a scaled up floorboard width of six inches which is historically perfect for the Gatehouse.

I just love it and can't wait to use it and show it you in situ, BUT, I have to figure out lights and wiring grooves first.  Not an easy task with 1/48ths because you can't just buy lights like you can with 1/12ths.

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