Saturday, 23 November 2013

So it begins

Finally after ten days ownership I was able to get started on The Gatehouse.  Life just kept getting in the way.  As always I began with a dry build and a big think, here's the results.

First of all I masking-taped three images to the wall where I am working so I can constantly check which way is up.

Opened the box and took out the first package.  The kit is described as having two buildings - a cottage and a tower.  They are built separately and then joined together.  So, this package contained the pieces for the cottage plus two tower rings - I have no idea what those are or where they go as yet.  Hopefully that will become clear further down the line.

A bit of jiggling and some masking tape later and this is the bones of the cottage.  I am really pleased one side of the material is already white - that's the ceilings sorted and maybe even the walls.  It does have windows in the side wall either side of the chimney.  I was going to be ambitious and cut out the roof for roof lights - off that idea now.  Hurrah!

The tower side of the building all taped together.  The fit is beautiful on this kit, just as I imagined it would be.

These will be lovely beams in the roof of the top room in the tower side - making a lovely bedroom.  Imagine lying in bed looking up at those.

Here is the building with the two pieces put together and the chimneys sorted.  Geoff Lewis uses a clever arrangement of aligning stuff with cocktail sticks through purpose-made holes - brilliant stuff.

Windows, trims, main door.  I have read the instructions for assembling the main door but haven't a clue.  Again I am living in hopes it all becomes clear when I get there.  Eat the elephant one bite at a time.

This is real fear number one - the stairs.  There are two sets - this is one of them - just look at how many bits and they are teeny, tiny.  Bit of a challenge.  I can see they are tabbed so maybe no too bad?

Close behind comes panic two - the round tower.  There are three bags of stairs which makes the tower. There were also a couple of mystery pieces in the cottage pack.  I am in love with the dinky little turret roof.  Again, who knows, actually making this tower might prove to be a breeze.

Doing a dry build and having a good sort out helps calm the jitters and makes me stop and think carefully about the order of build.  In this particular case I am pretty sure I will be painting and staining (and maybe wall papering) every little bit before I glue anything together.  This size is way too small for someone like me to be fiddling about around windows and doors and inside pointy ceilings.  What finish for what surface needs to be settled before its meets its neighbour.  My brilly bob 'rocket' glue can handle paint and stain, so no worries there.

Off to do a dry build on the tower if that's possible.  Whilst typing that the other half of my brain said, just go and play and hunt round the web for window glass and wallpaper and paint colours and flooring and and and.....

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