Monday, 24 November 2014

TV - B J Miniatures again

No particular reason for a-make-a-day for the last three days being B J Miniatures other than they must be incredibly useful.

I have a stack of kits, most of which I can't attack until I know where precisely I want to use them.  They might need a wood finish they may need painting and then, if upholstered, the upholstery fabric could be anything, depending on which project and which room and how decorated............

When I go home in ten days time (counting the hours) I intend to measure and photograph The Gate House and Les Roches and try to make lots of decisions so I can bring back notes and can crack on making stuff to fill the houses.  I won't have much time when we get back Jan 3rd as we have back to back visitors pretty much until we leave for the UK at the end of March but there will be time here and there.  The joy of most of these kits is that generally they don't take a lot of time to do.

So for now I have sorted out just a handful that are sort of generic wherever they are used - the infamous rocking chair, yesterday's coat hanger and today this lovely little gem:

man-size TV and stand

Just like my portable Jim, I think it is the bee's knees.  You even get a choice of programmes that you can stick on the screen which I have ready in case any of my little people end up watching TV.  Right now I have other plans for them.

I had fun with the no-hole silver beads.  B J kindly made holes for the handles/beads to sit in and provided gold ones.  I swapped to silver - the fun bit was trying to lob them into the holes - talk about pin ball alley.  Proud to say I only got four out of the pot and was able to return two.

Incidentally these came from the little mixed pot I bought from Ruth Stewart's table at the show.  Absolute bargain ($1.25 I think) and hundreds of all sorts of colours and sizes.  I would imagine they would do most things for quarter scalers without having to buy pots and pots of different colours.  That said I do have a few pots already back in the UK!  Don't do as I do, do as I say........  just because I am like a magpie for shiny things.****

**** scientifically studied this year and declared to be bunkum - I am nothing if not a source of useless information. 

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