Sunday, 23 November 2014

So sad

Those of you who do these things will understand when I use the big words 'heart breaking' to describe this evening's 'work'.

These nine pieces should be only five.

This was the loveliest rocking chair with a rush seat.  It is a kit made by B J Miniatures but I think I bought it from Debbie Young's table.  I stained it last night, left to dry thoroughly overnight and came to assemble it this evening.  It simply fell apart with each handling.  Now I know the material (wood) is very, very fine but I think the issue is something more than just that.  It would 't take the slightest pressure, so gluing and straightening up the angles was just impossible.  It even felt sort of soft in my fingers when I was handling it.  I wonder if it was the stain that affected it?  I used one of my Min-Wax pens.  If so I have no way of knowing when that may or may not happen with something else .....

I tried to mend the first couple of breaks a few times but that made additional breaks and eventually I had to admit defeat.

Footnote some days later:  After lots of help and tips from three mini groups I am pretty sure it was all down to me.  Basically I soaked it in stain and assumed it would dry overnight and now I suspect it hadn't - hence it sort of funny feel and weakness.  I am a chump.  A good tip for staining was to put on the minimum and blot off excess and give it as long as you can to dry thoroughly.  Common sense really when the pieces are so fine.


  1. The stain pen is oil based. Glue won't stick to an oiled surface.

  2. Thanks Karin. I know about the glue issue but I wasn't over-handling because of that - it was just incredibly snappy/weak.