Sunday, 16 November 2014


Here's a link to a few general dolls  house related references, so you have something to look at while you are waiting for the proper blogs from my Philly trip.

Photo References

Agecroft Hall is a 1600s house moved from Agecroft in Lancashire (five miles from where I live!!) to Richmond Virginia with (as the English would say) more money than sense and reassembled as a centrally heated electrified (contemporary) home.  I have mixed feelings - nice to see how much has been saved but it sort of begs the question, when it is redesigned and reset this way, as to why?  Hey Ho!

There is a Sears and Roebuck bungalow aka The Avalon which I am still slathering after and a reminder that if I am ever stuck for references for an American Victorian house I need go no further than Google 'houses Cape May images'.

There are some visual notes for ideas I have stewing such as buying several of the same building and making a row of houses with very different inhabitants in each.


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