Thursday, 20 November 2014

Experimenting with my iPad

II have known for ages that I should be able to blog from my iPad but have never seen the need until I was away last week and had time here and there when I could have 'done something useful'.  So this is my first attempt to blog away on my lap instead of at my desk to see if I can do it.

I just made a sweet little clock from Petworth Miniatures...... Now, there we go, how in heaven's name do I link the name to its web address?  Can't be done.... 

Onwards.....  Try inserting photo....

Well that seemed to work from here no idea how it will turn out in the blog and I don't seem to be able to resize it or add a caption or get it to sit in the middle.

Back to the clock...

I did a couple of things wrong with this little gem so if you want to make one listen and learn!  

Handle gently.  I broke the legs on one side trying to squeeze everything together when it was gluing.

Obey the maker.  I keep telling you this but I don't heed my own advice.  In her instructions Gayle suggested it could be painted and then gilded.  I decided it would be utterly impossible to just gild all those incredibly tiny details so I just went with 'painting' it gold with my lovely pen.

You will note it is impossible to get the pen in all the nooks and crannies so it would have been easy to paint and gild.

Never mind, unpainted and half crippled it is still a sweetie.

Cross my fingers as I hit Publish.

PS   Think I would have to be pretty desperate to Blog from an iPad and if I can't add links it is a definite no-no.  Is any one out there doing it this way?  Why am I not loving it?

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