Monday, 24 November 2014

Coat rack - Boo hoo

Boo hoo! There doesn't seem to be another rocking chair like the one I turned into a pile of crumbs.  I looked on Debbie Young's site and B J Miniatures and nada.

I did go on to make a pair of coat stands from B J Miniatures in (probably) the very same wood as the chair and they are OK.  They are very fine so need to be treated with respect.  I did not stain these pieces nor attempt to buff them up in any way.  I still managed to break off one of the hooks trying to remove some excess glue.

Hope you can get some idea of how delicate these pieces are.

Tah dah!

My gent is about six feet tall aka 1.5 inches.


  1. Marilyn, I have had trouble with tiny pieces when I've stained them too. So now I often paint them after they are assembled. I use brown paint applied very thinly and I've found I have better results that way. I often can't tell which items I've painted and which I've stained once they are finished and have a couple of coats of varnish over them. The varnish also helps to give extra strength to the joints.

    1. Thank you Sandra. That is a great idea. I am still thinking in one twelfth and doing everything the same but smaller. I should be trying to work out what tiny stuff needs.