Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Sleigh, Sewing Machine - Two little sweeties

Oh, how I wish I knew how to photograph quarter scale in a flattering way.  I assure you that both of these have turned out just great.  They really look the part: not at all lumpy bumpy and scabby as seen in these photos.

This little sledge is a B J Miniatures kit (again).  I just have to chew and generally mess up the string to age it a bit and maybe dirty up the sledge a little.  It will then be hung on, or leaned against, the wall along with two pairs of skis.  I have seen some on someone's printies - if I could only remember who.....

A 'Sister' (not Brother!) sewing machine from Robin Betterley's Miniatures.  I think is it so clever how these designers decide what to leave in and what to leave out to give you a great representation of an every day object at 48th.  Like painting, cooking, writing (!) I suspect what you leave out is the important factor.  It is very easy to over-egg the pudding.

I really enjoyed this one as it offered new(ish) sets of challenges and several of them in one small package.  It may not look it here, but this is a little gem.  Four bits of wood, a piece of paper, a pin, some wire along with paint and glue and we have a sewing machine.

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