Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Finding Findings

I find it really hard to track down bits and pieces to make accessories with as I am not out at the craft shops on a regular basis.  Also, if you do find the one you want, you have to buy how ever many there are in the packet.  When I was at Philly I discovered a fantastic source for findings.  They are called Jar-Jaf Miniatures and have just been acquired by Judy Oak (Acorns by Oak).  

At the show they had great displays of their items beautifully laid out on revolving boards so you can find just the one you want, note the ref number and buy the required amount.  Clearly this isn't the cheapest way to acquire one piece if you are lucky enough to have a hundred friends you can share with but, if like me, you work pretty much in isolation it is still cheaper to pay 95 cents (or whatever) for a piece rather than three, four or more dollars for many of them and never use them.   

This is a link to their catalogue where the items are printed life size, so you can measure any that interest you and figure out if it will do what you want.  It does satisfy all scales.  This is high on my keeper list:  Jar-Jaf's catalogue

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I was told after publishing this in an on-line group that mailing costs and possible import duties make things very expensive to buy from the States but I was reminded we do have Tee Pee Crafts who do some lovely stuff.

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