Sunday, 21 September 2014

Cheap and useful - glass paints

I bought these glass paints from the children's section of a hobby shop for just a couple of dollars.  They have them by those sun-catcher kits for children.  I needed them to paint some wine bottles and didn't want to up the price of the accessory too much.

The real bonus was the absolutely wonderful quality brush - I have no idea why they include that but so glad they did.

click on picture to enlarge

These are Ruth Stewart's lovely set of different wine bottles - complete with labels - which haven't been done here but really make them look terrific.  There are four different wine bottle shapes and two decanters in this set.

I glued the port and sherry decanter to a 'drip' tray/decanter stand - think they need no-hole bead feet - just thought of that!  I added a crystal no-hole bead to the top for a stopper - they catch the light beautifully if I can manage to light my project.

The glue looks ugly here because the photo was taken before it was tidied up and even before it had dried crystal clear.  I love this glue.

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