Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Proud as a peacock - Aga wall

Do not fall about laughing or, at least, not so loudly that I can hear you.

I am so pleased with my little self.

I fiddled around and around with this kitchen making and painting drawers and dressers and sideboards and pithering around with them to make a country-cottage-kitchen thingy.  It is just not me, so I decided what would I do with my (pretend) second home in the Cairngorms if I didn't have a ton of money to throw at it and everything needed doing.

I need a lot of storage and don't want bits of old furniture painted up and scattered about.

My little people got smart and got hold of some shop shelves (Petit Properties) and an outside bench (ditto) for the surfaces to match the drainer and the table(sort of) and some old wood (aka mount board) and cobbled together some oversize dressers for either side of the Aga.  This also allowed them to hide the flue where it goes into the chimney as that looked pretty ugly.

So this is not a thing of great beauty but it will do until they can afford some company like Smallbone of Devizes to move in and build what they really want.  Is there a quarter scale Smallbone?

I am certain when it is cleaned up, paint touched up and dressed and in situ it will be grand.

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