Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Miss Lydia Pickett's Cottage Collection - Pie Kitchen Accessory Kit

I am absolutely in love with this wonderful kit by the Betterleys.  Oh how I wish they did lots and lots of accessory kits.  I am really struggling with how to dress the furniture and rooms and I am making and things like this are just a joy.

Incidentally I can't find it on their site but it is on Suzanne and Andrews.

I remember thinking $26 dollars was a lot to pay and confess to hesitating - how daft - there are at least ten possible small kits here - so less than $3 a time!

click on the picture to enlarge

The thing I found the most difficult to make was the draining rack but, as with all these things, you suddenly see a way to do it and it just falls in place; it just took a long time to happen.  My pies aren't great and, strangely, the best one is the first one; the second one is not so good and the big, fat, worst one is my third.  How do I know which is which? - one steam hole, two steam holes, three steam holes.  This is the real life method of recognising different fillings!

It would be invidious to pick a favourite thing, I like them all.  The only change I made was to stick the lid of the flour cannister and not do the open flour bin and rolled out pastry vignette that is suggested.  In real life (for me) that wouldn't ring true.  I have three baked pies - all my mess is cleared up.

Don't look at the picture and think their scale is wonky - the items in the foreground seem too large - they aren't.  

On the front right are two tea towels that need scrunching and hanging somewhere and a pair of oven mitts (fabric), ditto.  These and a sampler ready to frame and hang are little extras in the kit.  |The four plates were for the draining rack but I put the extra tea cups and saucers in that.  The tea tray with teapot and two cups and saucers is so sweet. 


  1. http://robinbetterley.enstore.com/item/14-pie-kitchen-accessories

    1. Many thanks. No idea now why I couldn't find it!!

  2. You've made up this kit beautifully Marilyn, it looks lovely. I have the same one for my Pickett Hill but haven't made it up yet - seeing yours makes me want to hop in and do it ;) But the house isn't completed yet so it's not really time to do that.

    1. Go Girl.... I have nothing built (it is all in the UK) but I am beavering away at making stuff for the imagined premises so when they do exist I can just pick through a stock of stuff and 'dress' it. That's the theory! This Pickett kit is lovely to do though, as I said, the dish rack nearly beat me.