Thursday, 11 September 2014

News from Templewood

I have a bit of a dilemma....   I don't normally have two project blogs running at the same time.  When I did my twelfths I just concentrated on one build until it was finished.  Now, with quarter scale I have discovered I need to collect pretty much everything I need before starting a build.  As I have two things I want to do - this Gate House and the Maison de Maître, I am busy collecting and making for both of them to see which one gets everything it needs first and therefore allow me to actually get on with the build.

This means any 'newsy' bits fit in either blog - so how to do this?  Publish the same thing in both?  Bit wearing for anyone reading both.  Publish in one but then it doesn't reach the other quarter scale folk - heck! who knows.  For now I am running this Gate House as my current blog as this is where I started, so everything will just be tipped in here for now.


After writing to Alan and Kathryn at Templewood about their lovely Mackintosh furniture, Kathryn mentioned her newsletter.  It is a really useful occasional newsletter and it means you are part of the kty's 'club' and will get advance notification of new stuff and a discount.

 member of my kty club - its free to join and I send out the occasional newsletter - probably only 4 or 5 a year as I hate it when you get inundated with them - and my kty club members get first notice of new kits and a discount initially 

if they would like to write to me and put kty club in the subject line I will enroll them with pleasure

or Click here and follow the instructions - Templewood's newsletter

..........  meanwhile here is the latest news from them:

Once we have come home from Miniatura which is next week - Alan will be designing more kits as he wants to have some new ones for Philly at the start of November - we will put them on our web site  

.......we are at the moment working a range of laser cut designs for paper flower kits all taken from real leaves and petals and on very special papers - starting off wirth just a few fall flowers and then building up as we go along

best wishes Kathryn

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