Thursday, 4 September 2014

Making the sink unit - Petite Properties Ltd

Petite Properties Ltd

Double Sink Cabinet


Firstly it is worth noting what incredible value their kits are.  I bought a heap of them in one fell swoop at a show before I bought anyone else's.  I then got a bit snobby about them and decided perhaps they were a bit chunky and not wood so there they sat while I ran around buying more stuff.

Guess what......  I love, love, love this little kit.  It was a delight to do from beginning to end and produced a wonderful object.

The packaging is fine, clearly showing the kit and even a little warning on the reverse to take care when opening as it 'contains TINY pieces'.  One caveat - I know it would be very time consuming for the makers but I am sure it would be better to show finished pieces.  I think it was the pictures of unfinished pieces  that made me think the material was clunky because you get to see the material thickness and all the edges of the object are sort of outlined.

Their instructions are absolutely one of the best.  Written as simply as possible and with great diagrams and photos of all the steps.  This is another kit where you get all the pieces already cut - I really am gravitating towards these.  There is a nice clear box in the corner telling you what you will need to complete the kit.  Off I went....

The construction was straightforward and in the right order to make sense of what you do.  They had very kindly included six beads for the cupboard door knobs but I thought they looked a little large so I made handles out of two no hole beads - one above the other.

I nail-polished the strip of paper tiles and even scored lines between them (one of those only-I-know that things we crackpots do)  As always I promise it looks so much better than its photo.  I love it and I can't wait to try the rest of the PP kits I've got.  The Gate House kitchen will be entirely theirs.

This far in and about ten items made I have come to another conclusion.  Each maker's scale is marginally different and their chosen material completely changes the look of a piece so, in the main, it would be better to try to do a project using only one person's kits.  I am pretty sure that would prove impossible so I am going for second best and trying to complete a room, as much as possible, with one vendor's kits so I can get some kind of 'uniform' look.  I am beginning to see why so many people in quarter scale make so much stuff themselves.  That will always be beyond me I'm afraid. 


  1. I agree that the PP kits are really great and like you feel that the beads for knobs are somewhat too large. I am also like you in that I like to do details that only I will probably notice lol! But it does make me feel better about the finished project. I think Bea shows the unfinished project on the cover so that people will 'do their own thing' with the kit but it sure would look better with a photo of the finished item. You have done a great job of this sink unit.

    1. Yes, as you say, I think she shows unfinished so you can imagine your own - don't know the answer to that dilemma - they would look better finished but people are poor at looking at a mahogany sofa and imagining powder blue shabby chic instead. Tough call and maybe she knows her customers best. I am pleased with how the sink unit turned out. I can always pick holes in what I do and am trying to learn to be content with OK and above as a result. Marilyn