Saturday, 6 September 2014

Tools - The tile

In an earlier photo there was a shot of my handiest tool - a small glass tile.  I put small amounts of glue on it to pick up with a cocktail stick or whatever, I use it in the same way for small amounts of paint.  I even mix paint colours on it.  When it doesn't have an inch to spare I put it in some warm warm in my bathroom sink and let it soak for a couple of minutes.  I then scrape it with the plastic yellow scraper - or anything similar and almost everything comes off really easily.  I think what stays behind is probably super glue, but I just attack that with my small ruler or something similar and hey presto - brand new tile ready to go again.

I know a lot of people save bottle caps and stuff for these jobs so they can just throw them away when done, but I don't want the trouble of cleaning them up to use and finding a space to store them, so this is my solution to being lazy and strapped for space.

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