Monday, 29 September 2014

Two dressed pieces

Ready for visitors.....

Ruth Stewart's wine bottles, Jane Harrop's cheese board, Pier Luigi cutlery, knife from the Betterlys Pie kitchen kit, table top from Petit Properties kitchen table, legs from Petite Properties picnic bench.

This will go on the fourth wall so when that removes you just have to imagine it in situ.  If I put it in place in the vignette it is slap bang centre (in front of the window) and with its (ugly) back to you so it draws the eye away from the better stuff behind plus you would never see the much nicer front.

It has two pies ready for collection and Elizabeth's gloves abandoned as she came in.  I want a couple of coat hooks with coats hanging and two pairs of wellies in a boot tray.

By the time you are reading this I will be winging my way over the pond for our winter in Naples, Florida.  This probably means lots of peace and quiet for you for a long time as I am bereft of my little ones until next Spring.

I will be going to three shows and I'll share those with you.

There is at least one more post to come....  "How does she do this?" - I hear you ask.....

When I am working I take lots of photos and then work my way through them in digestible bite-size posts which I then keep scheduling to post further down the line - right now it is the 20th and I have one a day until 30th.

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