Saturday, 27 September 2014

Home made

I made these.  I know they aren't brilliant but they look fine half hidden.  

The bunch of grapes are black no-hole beads, cotton thread, red glass paint and a very strange leaf cut out of painted paper.  Wonder how small a leaf punch you can buy????  Mental note:  buy leaves.

The other plate looks much better than this - here they look like what they are - orange beads - in the accessory box waiting for a home they look Christmas oranges with some leaves to decorate.

This is the thing with 48ths - no going out with a shopping list - pretty much if you want something you'll need to make it.  That said I could probably have sourced these but I am getting into this game now with a vengeance.  The more I make the more I want to make.  I'll be doing a scratch-build before I know it.  Something about walking before running?

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