Sunday, 14 September 2014

Tools - silicone sheet and pick-up pencil

The first useful piece of kit is the cheapest of cheap - a silicone sheet.  You can get them in places like Aldi to go in the bottom of the oven (usually black) or just as non-stick sheets for baking - like this one - cost? about a pound I think.  I use one side to paint and stain things on and the other side for gluing.  You could go mad and have two!  Why is it brilliant? - because, as they say, nothing sticks to it; so when your glue or paint is dry you can pick up your object and go.  This is made easier if you don't leave it sitting in a puddle of glue or paint - just nudge it away from that when leaving it to dry.  It would still detach perfectly easily but you'd have to trim off the nice paint or glue base your object had acquired.

Even cheaper is this 'pencil'. It came free with Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine last year and it just the MOST useful tool ever. Google 'pick up pencil' if you want to buy one. It has a very slightly tacky centre so you can easily and instantly pick up very small things.  In this case it is picking up one no hole bead, always in one go with no fiddling about, so I can stick it in place - again, in one go.  The tack of the glue is stronger than the tack of the pencil so no competition - instant release.  Just marvellous.

Incidentally the 'spoon' is a dessert spoon size measuring spoon - love it - I use if for glue, mix paint in it, scoop paint from larger containers with it and park endless teeny stuff in that I don't want rolling around and, guess what, it has a really useful handle too.

This is what I was using the pick up pencil for - knobs on cupboards.

The right hand piece is painted much better than the left because I painted it before assembling.  I know Petite properties instructions are build it and then paint it, but this works better for me.

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