Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Apologies for boring

You may have gathered by now that since decamping to this side of the pond not much is actually going to happen.  Both my builds and all my kit and clobber are on the other side of the pond so I am left with shopping and the very occasional make to share with you.

Please do not to give up on me, I will try and do some building when we go home in December to pep this up a little but that's about all I can do until Spring.  So, in case anyone else is scouting basic stuff, here are today's goodies:

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The two Krylon pens on the left are what I ordered and didn't get from Jo-Ann's: here they are in a couple of days from Amazon.  They are new to me but, I have heard such good things about them, I am really looking forward to using them.  The Gold is supposed to look like gold leaf (as is the silver) - we'll soon see.

My other treasures became 'must-haves' from good old Wal-Mart.  I wanted to try Aleene's fast grab tacky glue - again, having heard good things about it.  For pretty much the price of one pot of glue ($2.97) I got five little bottles to try out.  As always, working in this scale I should get quite a bit of use out of them even at this size.

The all-purpose white paint on the right was just 50 cents (Plaid/Apple Barrel).  The other Plaid paint, this time their Folk-Art range, is a satin acrylic in a colour called parchment which looks promising for French painted/gilded furniture.  This was $1.37.  Having not spent very much, I broke down and bought the most expensive item of the day - a knife.  I cannot manage without it ($3.97).  This is one I have in the UK and like a lot as it has a great safety cap.  I keep my knives just handy, dropped among other stuff, it is good to know I can just rummage around in the tray on my desk without finger slicing.

This was my thrill of the day.  Aren't we easy to please in this game!  Last year I bought these boxes and they have proved to be just brilliant for storing made up furniture and accessories.  They have fixed sections - not like the boxes that have those slide things that let little things escape underneath all the time.  They are also great value at $2.97.  I was especially pleased as we had already looked in one Wal-Mart store for them, without success.  We weren't surprised as we remembered they were on sale ($2.50) last year because they were 'finishing'.  I was so tempted to buy up this branch's stock but stopped myself at four.  I think I have six already in the UK, so a total of ten seems to be a nice number.  There again I am collecting for two projects???????  Ten times 18 sections only equals 180 objects - that's not a lot when you think I had a stash of over 600 items when I quit on 1/12ths.  I feel a shopping trip coming on.

If you want to see them in use: 

Some of you will have seen this photo already in a post I did on 15th September.  This makes for a neat finish; I can end as I began with an apology for being boring.

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