Monday, 6 October 2014

Jo-Ann Fabrics

I have always had a sort of unwritten rule not to complain about anyone in my Blogs.  Things go wrong in life and if they are sorted properly and don't keep recurring it doesn't seem fair to slate them - that was just my bad luck and maybe a ton of other people are having very happy experiences.  This is even more important if it is a sole trader, like most of our mini vendors are.  Can you hear the 'but' in this?..... but.....

Currently I am having a hard time with Jo-Ann Fabrics  and Craft Stores.

Here, in Naples, we have a huge Jo-Ann's but, like all craft stores, there is such a welter of product out there they don't always have what I want.  I have wanted a Krylon gold leaf pen and a particular metallic paint since forever and I had made myself a note to get one ordered from somewhere, rather than keep traipsing up to the store.

I could have ordered from Amazon but thought it seemed sensible to just order from Jo-Ann's as there were other usual things on my 'to get from them sometime' list so they could all ship for the same price.

I ordered 8 items and received a confirmation email and paid for them.  A couple of days later I get a note saying they didn't have the paint.  Eventually I got a dispatch note showing only six items not the expected seven.  When the order arrived I had an order summary showing seven items and the box contained only five.

I am particularly aggrieved because the five items I have are pretty standard stock and I could have just picked those up from Jo-Ann's and not paid the delivery charge.

Meanwhile I can not seem to make anyone at Jo-Ann's online store understand the problems.

I am not a happy bunny.

As a foot note - this is how the items were packed.  Each in an individual plastic bag, loosely knotted and then all five tossed in a cardboard box with no other packaging, resulting in a broken top of the Matte finish which had also leaked into the bag.  What a smell! not to mention it is highly flammable and the package was exceedingly hot from the high eighties Florida sunshine.

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