Friday, 24 October 2014

B J Miniatures

This is the last of the orders I placed in the UK for delivery here in Naples.  I have been really pleased with every single item I have received from the various vendors but I confess to this one really feeling like Christmas.

I had a little box just stuffed with tiny goodies of all kinds.

I know nothing about B J Miniatures and I suspect those of you who have been in this game for years will sigh deeply and wonder how I had never heard of them.  It is a burden not having a wealth of information at your fingertips but a delight when you discover things for the first time so allow me to enjoy the moment.

Their website does say your order may take up to six weeks so they are not a source for the need-it-now item. That said if there is no rush it was a nice straightforward order/delivery.

I found them because I was scouting around for a fridge that looked like a Smeg (a fifties American would do) to finish the kitchen here in The Gatehouse and they had a three piece set which would do the job.  The fridge for here and if I double up Les Roches the other two pieces will go in the apartment kitchen.  Of course you have to have a look round a site before you leave it and I ended up with twenty-three items and therefore the most expensive tab of all my orders. This is the sort of amount of stuff I would buy at a two day show if I was lucky enough to find them.  How great to find them all in one place.

As I have done before, I'll slice the sharing into three days as I am sure you don't want to see twenty-three things in one go.... just in case you do .... this is what that looks like:

All present and correct

Today's group is kitcheny stuff, starting with the fridge that kicked off this order:

Details such as taps, handles, cooker rings are actual add-ons not just painted.

I need to collect loads of dishes as I go along; almost every project will need something.  Their price was as good as any.  

I chose Fiestaware for the mugs - so I have every day dishes

I already have these from the Lapin Sauté pack but I am sure they will all get used some time

No idea when I will have a character that will need all these
Again, the always useful pots and pans - love the kettle.

These are terrific when painted (or penned!)

You can never have enough of these to fill your shelves and glass cabinets:

Can I get you some tea, Vicar?

They are also going to prove much easier than the last time I did them (see Gate House kitchen) now I have a sprue cutter.

I promise more interesting stuff tomorrow now these are out of the way.  Seeing them might be useful for newbies like me though because they may not have seen them before.

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