Saturday, 25 October 2014

B J Miniatures

B J Miniatures had some very nice pieces of furniture and unusual ways of going about constructing them.  You'll get to see that when I put them together, for now just enjoy the shopping.

I have the hump back sofa and two matching chairs.  These look easy to make as there isn't a lot of construction.  The main part of the kit is resin (?) you then cut out and stick on the fabric to get the finished look.  What I especially liked is that the trims are wood not plastic and I love the little feet.

Having seen those I then fell in love with the lyre table set which really seem to go with the seating.  They are really finely cut from a good quality wood.  I have no idea where these will go but I had to have them.

I liked the holiday storage cabinet as much for the papers as for the furniture, indeed I ordered it saying I didn't want it if the paper wasn't included.  Joy of joys, I got two little Christmas parcels and the wrapping paper as well as the piece.  I think this one is a bargain and perfect for this project as Elizabeth is 'discovered' wrapping Christmas presents.

This is definitely one of those: 'this is three times better than this photo' moments.  It is finely made, nice colour, smooth as silk, nothing for me to do and all for $5

The inhabitants of this project are trying to collect Ats and Crafts stuff so these sort of look the part and will be finished as pieces of furniture rather than 'kitchen' cupboards and stand either side of the fireplace.  You get three little stained glass pieces in the kit, so you can choose the finish you want.  It also means that if, like me, you wanted a pair you can make them match.  They would also be perfect for either side of an Aga if you were making that sort of range surround.  Being tall and narrow the cupboard is ideal for all sorts of places - you could replace the glass with a mirror and put it in a bathroom, nice too in a hallway.

This is another difficult one to decide on where to place it.  I am finding this a bit of a problem in quarter scale; it means I don't know how to finish it until I know where it is going and I don't know where it is going until I have a gazillion things to choose from and preferably can see them all made up and in place.  I am happier pretty much finishing most things before assembling which sort of scuppers this way of doing it.  This, for example, has a mirror - who would want to paint or stain around a mirror?  I can finish in soft cream for the French house or stained wood for this one?

The pieces in this kit are much daintier in real life than the photo suggests and you get two stands for $5.

Lastly something modern and needs to go in both my projects (so I bought two) - a very nicely made TV and a console you can fiddle around with to your heart's content to make it yours.  

Come back tomorrow for the third and final instalment of Treasures from B J Miniatures.  They are all decorative pieces.

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