Saturday, 11 October 2014

Wal-Mart finds

Here are things I bought at Walmart which I thought were a good price and might be useful for someone else besides me.


This is about the same price as from other places - maybe a bit cheaper.  Two ounces at this scale should last me forever.


All my paints are in the UK as I wasn't going to be doing any mini stuff over here.....  but..... here I am ready to start on all sorts.  So, to save me buying a ton more acrylics, I am hoping this kid's set might allow me to mix the occasional needed colours.  They all look a bit 'sharp' I can see the brown coming into play a lot.


Pleased with this - although I was very nearly too skinny 'treat' myself.  I was wondering how to store all those little petals and leaves once I opened them and here is the perfect answer.  Twenty-four little pots with screw-tops, all in one box with a lid.  Made in clear plastic so you can select easily - what's not to like....  the price?

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