Sunday, 26 October 2014

B J Miniatures

B J Miniatures describes itself as Quarter Scale Specialists, that in itself makes it a joy to shop at if this is the scale you are working in.  Additionally it has a lot of decorative items and small accessories I am not seeing elsewhere.  I am sure I am not alone in struggling for ideas of how to make things to fill my cupboards, shelves, mantelpieces etc.  These details are also dependent on your being able to get to a really good craft or bead store etc and spend inordinate hours trawling them in hopes of seeing something you can convert to 48th usefulness.  This requires the premises, your time and a ton of imagination.  If this isn't a challenge you enjoy (many do) take a look around B J Miniatures; there are lots of bits and bobs to help you complete your project.  Here are just eight:

Click on any picture to enlarge

You can't see it here but these are in two beautiful colours - rich brown/red on the left and deep green on the right.

These look wobbly because of the tack holding them in place.  They are lovely.

So finely cut and smooth and comes in a choice of three colours

I hope you gather that the item used in the photo to give you a sense of scale is a toothpick and that you also understand I am not skilled in photographing such tiny things.  Every single one is just beautiful in real life.

I commend B J Miniatures to you wholeheartedly.  I have made a note in my diary to order from them again in January to be sure I have them before I leave at the end of March.  there are things here I want to repeat for future use and there is still other stuff on the site that I liked but I wanted to see the quality before committing any more dollars.

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