Thursday, 23 October 2014

Trip to Jo-Ann's

Just had a jaunt to Jo-Ann's - yes, I know they managed to be the only vendor who has ever broken my don't moan about a vendor rule recently......  but, this is why...

Half price offer - $25

I have wanted an Ott Light since forever but I am too cheap to break down and buy myself one.  I certainly don't want one here in Naples because it will be of no conceivable use in the UK.  There is a fair chance we are giving up our peripatetic life at the end of next March and I am already shedding stuff left right and centre in both homes because I know I will have to get two homes squeezed into one. A further reason for not buying one here and now (should a further reason be needed) is that I won't have much mini making time over here.  We are on our own until the beginning of December with a week taken out of that for the Philly trip - so in effect I have less than four weeks playtime here before going home for Christmas.  When we return we have back to back visitors almost up until we leave for the summer in the UK. All solid reasons not to buy an Ott Light at this late stage.

So I bought an Ott light.  I won't take you through the perverse logic that allows me to do stuff like this, but I will report back on whether it is worth getting one.

two free samples

This is a much smaller weave than you see here and is in perfect scale for making baskets - it will need various stains or paints of course but I am so pleased to have found it.

free samples again

The other pair of samples is of a lovely fine and thin mock suede.  In fact I had to check and check that it wasn't suede as the other side is equally convincing.  Not sure how you will perceive the colour here; it is a soft, greyish, olive green.  Not sure what to use it for yet (?)
Suggestions welcome.

children's section $1.79

I need something like air clay to go in plant pots to put my plants in but don't want to pay the $9 I am seeing for it.  I know this stuff doesn't go hard but that's OK I think - we'll see(?)

My six foot companion

This is my - don't do as I do, do as I say - for today.

Always, always have something in your handbag (or whatever you always carry round with you) to check scale, even if you aren't going mini shopping.  I saw several things today I could re-use in various ways but wasn't sure enough to buy them because of scale.

You don't have to carry a 'person' around with you - though that is the very best because it is three dimensional and has hands and feet to give lots more clues - "Would this bit of plastic look like a beer glass in his hand?'' for example.

The next alternative is a photograph of self-same man (or Brad Pitt if you like) printed to scale and stuck on card or glued into your shopping notebook or whatever suits.

Thirdly just a piece of card or lines drawn on paper measuring 1.5 inches for your six foot person does nicely.

Last of all, how long is your thumb?  You always have that with you.

My man is lying on the corrugated card I bought ($1.39) because I thought it might make a pantile roof if ever I wanted one....  not so sure now Jim is there..... looks a bit big. (?) 

Sorry James, you are now about to spend the rest of your days stuffed in a handbag.  Every man's worst nightmare.

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