Friday, 3 October 2014

Part of a Betterleys kit

If you are also following Les Roches you will have seen half of this kit already but not everyone is following both of these quarter scale projects, so here it is:

As you can see the kit contains several items which are meant to go together in the Betterley's Pickett Hill project.  Mine are being divided out.  The dressing screen may appear in Les Roches if there is enough room.  The pictures and their frames are residing in the all-purpose accessories box until they find their niche. The robe, tote and slippers are for The Gate House's bathroom.

not quite finished
The robe is not quite finished as I don't want to fully arrange it until I come to hang it on the back of the bathroom door as that will determine how it falls.  So, for now, I know it has tubey stick out sleeves of an orangutan length, but it won't when it is done.

The tote of clean towels is a way to add some towels to a very small bathroom....   as a woman who often uses three at a time (!) you can never have too many towels.

I never attempted to make any clothes when I worked in 1/12th as they would have been 'far too small' for me to be able to do...... and here we are in quarter scale and, guess what, it is doable.  I loved making these and every project from now on will have something - a coat, bathroom robe, something.... it is just too good not to repeat.  As for the slippers.......... so cute.

Many thanks, Betterleys.

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