Sunday, 5 October 2014

Welcome to America

When you have been travelling for a couple of days (we do an overnighter in Orlando) this is the very best post you can pick up on your way in to your apartment.......

There was a package from Quarter Source and tickets for the Philadelphia Miniatura.

Contents of the box are as follows:

Lovely, lovely, striped silk fabric and, equally nice in a different way, more of some check cotton fabric that I already have from her.

Two lots of wallpaper - I forgot Brodnax were small sheets which is OK because I actually want to just keep them as stash to make other things from such as tote boxes and paper for 'decorating' furniture.  Daft as I am though - guess what - I already have the green one.  Hey Ho.

I think you will be seeing much of the little strips of wood underneath all these.  It is a very, very fine u-shaped channel.  I think the groove is big enough to take the very thin wires from the LED lights.  My thinking is if there is ever a time I need to surface mount them (in a corner or somewhere) these will make excellent conduits.

Quarter Source is great for wood trims of all kinds.  I have a list for Philly.

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