Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tools and stonework - Micro-Mark

Here are my buys from Micro-Mark.

The first is a much heftier piece of kit than I was expecting - a jeweler's saw ($10).  It is the only way I can think of to cut out extra windows or doors in quarter scale buildings, should I want to.  After the investment - here's hoping I will want to.

I also ordered two sets of blades - the fine and finest ...

I am certain the next piece of kit will get a lot of use - they are de-spruing tweezers.  I have struggled with getting the bits off the back of things like plastic cups.  Having tried scissors,knives and sandpaper I thought I should invest $10 in a tool.

I have previously bought brick sheets and roof sheets from micro-mark and was pleased with them so I thought I would take a look at a couple more in the same series.

This is the random stone.  I wanted this for inside the gate house archway where the walls hadn't been rendered and/or the tower and chimneys.  The stones do seem rather large but it is their O-scale and the others are spot on so it should be OK.  Hard to judge without my kit here.

The other is their cobblestone - for the ground inside the archway.  This looks promising.  They are nicely textured, not shiny and the colours are great - no having to paint white stuff.

I also bought some figures but you'll have to go to Les Roches to see those as I will be using them there.

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