Thursday, 30 October 2014

Ott light

I told you about buying the Ott light and said I would get back to you; well here I am.

This photograph is taken around mid-afternoon in my dining area of the condo.  As you can see it does look pretty dark in the room around the lamp.  Our apartment is long and thin and so it is well lit at each end; anything in the middle is always a bit 'shady'.  That said working with good daylight in my room in the UK is still less than great on a dull day or past the peak hours.  This Ott lamp fills those spots.

To explain why it is better than an ordinary lamp takes more little grey cells than I possess.  I am told it is a full spectrum light which acts as daylight and that will do for me.  Does it work any better than any other table lamp - certainly does!

It gives a very clear crisp light without 'hurting' your eyes and the colours and the definition of a piece show up really well and accurately.  I am very, very impressed.

For anyone who wants to consider it and has a Jo-Ann's near them, when I bought this they had a ton of different sorts.  This was midprice at $50 but had 50% off!  I considered a lovely (less expensive) little one which folded neatly and even had a carrying strap so you could take it to clubs and workshops (?).  As I don't really do that it made more sense to get one more suited for lighting a larger area.

When I get back to the UK I am going to take a look for full spectrum light bulbs for the main centre light in my room - seems the easiest solution if they exist - with fittings for a normal ceiling rose.


  1. Interesting, I've not heard of these before/

    1. Put it on your luxury list if you have a ton of daylight or good lighting ....even then it would make a difference.... But if you are frustrated by a lack of either this is decidedly good. In truth had they not been half price i would have been too stingy to buy it but now I have I will have to fork out proper money when I get back to the UK because I now want one for sure.