Sunday, 12 October 2014

Debbie Young's bungalow

I have wanted Debbie Young's (American) bungalow since the 48th urge began.  Indeed, it is truthful to say it is the very building which set me off.  She no longer makes it but you can get the plans for it in three copies of some back issues of Miniature Collector. Mine arrived in the post on Friday.

click photo to enlarge

I have flicked through and quickly put it away from me as panic set in, followed rapidly by a negativity cloud.  I never imagined I would be able to cut it myself and bought it with the intention of getting it cut for me.  Looking at the complexity of it now, I am not so sure I will be able to find anyone with enough time willing to cut it for me and can only begin to imagine the huge cost.  As I said - at this stage nothing but ...  it can't be done.  Hey ho, I will sneak up on it in a couple of days time and see what I think then.


  1. I, too, have drooled over this awesome bungalow by Debbie Young. I have the instructions but, like you, wonder if I'd be able to cut it out myself because of how complex it looks. If you do go ahead and make a stab at this wonderful project, do be sure and post all sorts of photos, your whines, weeps and eventually shouts of glee. Maybe I could then try it myself. Dream, dream, dream on.

    1. Nah, never really considered cutting it myself. I had this daft notion of getting it cut in the UK by one of two people and getting it altered for front opening at the same time. Seeing it has brought home just what that would cost me. Much as I love it I have two other buildings to do first and can satisfy myself with one or two other kits after that I am considering. Just a dream I'm afraid. I did an article about a remarkable man who works with gatorboard. As that is cheap and easy to cut.... You never know ..... See I am off again..... Marilyn