Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Post script to Lighting

Many thanks to everyone who has added help to my lighting thinking.  I will copy it here in case it helps anyone else too.

First from Joanne W:

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Next two responses from Jennifer.  I know these are in the comments boxes but not everyone reads those:

It's worth pointing out that LEDs run on much lower power than the old style filament bulbs. LEDs are normally a maximum on 20mA (filament bulbs are typically 50mA) so you can run far more LEDs off a transformer than you can of standard filament bulbs. Like you say, 50 LEDs off a 1amp transformer whereas it would only be 20 standard filament bulbs

The LEDs are clear because that's just the epoxy housing. It's quite complicated but in simple terms the colour of LED is produced by creating different wavelengths of light. When voltage is passed through it lights up.
You can get LEDs with coloured housing but these tend to be much dimmer and not so useful for miniatures

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